Rubber and/or silicon spatula and/or spoonula?
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My best spatulas have been Rubbermaid flat spatulas. Used for scraping dough or getting the last bit of mayo. Should I be using Silicon? Spoonulas? They will be also used for getting the last of the beans off the plate.
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My favorite spatulas for getting beans off a plate are completely silicone, unlike the kind with a separate rubbery head and wooden handle, where the gaps seem to collect stuff and the head comes off after a while. I haven’t tried the specific ones I linked to, but mine look similar.
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I bought a Supoon and Mini Supoon at Christmastime and they've been super useful.
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I love GIR but they are expensive and often sold out.
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I have all the ones in the set music for skeletons linked and they all have a purpose and they don't accrue nastiness like old spatulas. Each one of them scratches a set of itches better than any single tool could. None of the solid-silicone spatulas feel quite as perfectly agile as my beloved older Rubbermaids that are beginning to disintegrate, but the trade-offs are good.
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Seconding the supoon, it's taken over from a couple other tools, I should pickup another one for my kitchen. Sauteing/cooking is what I mostly use it for.

My mini supoon doesn't get nearly as much use, it's a little too small to do much except for tiny containers and the scoop doesn't really have much volume, I kinda wish they had an in-between size for more normal jars. I'm not sure it has its advantages over a similar size all silicone mini spatula.
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I will use GIR spatulas forever. I backed their original Kickstarter in 2013 and still have my first set from that campaign. My favorites are the Ultimate and the Mini. They're heat-safe up to almost 500 degrees and extremely durable. I bake and cook all the time and honestly, I even bring them on vacation or other places I'm cooking on-site because I hate cooking without them. Their Spoonula might be a good fit for you too, kind of a mix of the Supoon mentioned above and a regular silicone spatula. It's great for getting every last bit of food out of a pot or pan.
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those GIR look a cut above. never used one, but seems very nice.

i impulse bought this silicone (at a bbb, i think).

I'm happy i did. the very edges are nice and floppy for contoured surfaces. a small bit of pressure engages the stiffer inside for tougher stuff.

sturdy, too. last one I'll need.
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the "Spectacula" (haha, I did NOT realize that was it's name, how silly) that came with my blendtec blender is just a pinnacle of spatula engineering! They also make one with a flat tip but both the ones I have have that angle and it's great. I've had them for..5 years and haven't had to replace one at all, but if I need to, I will! I put them in the dishwasher, and at this point you can pull the head off the handle if you try, but even though the glue has gone it's not a problem.
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I'm also a devotee of all-one-piece silicone spatulas. Anything with a separate handle or a seam where two different materials meet is rejected by me. They come apart and get gross and end up having a much shorter useful life. I don't have a GIR, but I've bought multipack sets with different sizes and they meet all my needs for cooking as well as mixing and getting last bits of something out.
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My in-laws got us some silicone cooking tools from Sur La Table as a wedding gift. I assume they paid too much for it because Sur La Table, but it is fantastic. Usually I go for Oxo stuff, but my Oxo (plastic) spatulas inevitably get melty and flexy. The silicone stuff is all one piece, externally (molded around a piece of metal, I think, based on the heft) and seems impervious to heat, rigid enough to scrape with, and easy to clean. It has survived a year of my wife and I being borderline-incompetent but enthusiastic cooks with no visible degradation in appearance and performance. If ours ever wears out I will 100% pay whatever premium to replace with similar.
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Can I piggyback on this ask?

I have quite a few all silicone spatulas that I am generally happy with but they are deficient in one area. For some of my cooking, I'd like the spatula to be fairly rigid in the case where I need to scrap or move around really dense foods.

So, are any of these spatulas more rigid than others?
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When I was last in the spatula market, it seemed like the best new silicone spatulas, which can stand high heat, had driven the more sensitive rubber one off the market.
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I also love GIR. If you really like getting the last bit of things, I highly recommend their ladle -- it's a ladle that can get into corners; saves me from also getting out a rubber (or silicone) spatula.

@mmascolino This Zyliss "Does it all" silicone spatula is rigid. I use it to scrape stiff doughs out of the mixer. Sometimes a wooden spatula also works for this purpose.
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So, are any of these spatulas more rigid than others?

I believe so. I believe we have had some that were too floppy to be useful and got rid of them. We have rigid ones that we use all the time for cooking--sorry, but I don't see a brand name on them.
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I have a small GIR spoonula and a cheaper one from Amazon, plus a bigger cheap spatula and spoonula. The GIR one is fantastic and I use it multiple times a day. The cheaper small one isn’t as good but I still use it regularly. I almost never use the big ones.
(I also have a small whisk from GIR and it’s also amazing)
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