Sync Android Gmail to duplicate desktop Gmail state?
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My Gmail on my desktop is arranged the way I want it: new mail, unread mail, priority tags, etc. My Gmail on my Android phone is a hot mess, because I rarely use it. I'd like my phone Gmail to be usable without devoting additional time to making it so. Is there a way I can tell it to simply sync the exact state of my desktop email?
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Best answer: You could go to in your mobile browser and request the Desktop Site. That should give you the exact same view.
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Response by poster: @jozxyqk this is so simple I'm embarrased to have not thought of it. It works, and I thank you! But still interested in whether there's any way to make the android app mirror the desktop state.
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You'll have to clarify "arranged the way I want it"; are you using a custom inbox or something from Gmail Labs? But Priority Inbox, for example, should be available on your phone as well.
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