What is this speaker mount called?
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I have a set of speakers (Philips CSS 5530) and they have some sort of mounting holes on the bottom, but I know nothing about speakers and without the right terms I can't find matching stands/mounts anywhere. Please help identify this mounting standard.

Here's a photo of the bottom of the speakers . There are two brass receiver holes that appear suitable for a mounting screw or two, they are about 300mm apart. (My attempts to google for 300mm or 3cm mounts have not been successful). There is also a square void right in the middle of the base that could potentially take a clip of some sort, it is 1.4cm x 2.9cm .

The manual for the speakers is online, but doesn't seem to list anything about how to mount them anywhere.
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Ok, so I found a reference in the manual which says that mounting instructions can be found in the quick start guide, which I found online here and seems to contain info about a mounting bracket. Hope that has the info you need!
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If you're reasonably handy - or know somebody who IS - you can improvise some DIY way of mounting them.

There's a good chance that those holes are threaded for a standard 1/4" x 20 machine screw.
(If not, it's likely some metric "M" size - probably around M6, give-or-take a size.)

You could stop by your local hardware store and buy a couple of screws and see what fits.
(Heck, you could tuck one of your speakers under your arm, bring it in and ask them: "Hey, what screw fits this?")

Once you know the exact size screw you need, you could then make/(have somebody make) a pair of wooden mounting brackets. (Or out of metal, if you're ambitious.)
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Best answer: Please help identify this mounting standard.

I have the very strong suspicion that this is not any kind of standard mounting system.

The manuals state that the system came with a couple of wall mount plates, and there was clearly a dedicated stand (amazon.uk link) made specifically for those speakers. But it's not all that unusual for "home cinema" systems to have specialized accessories like speaker stands & wall mounts made only for that particular system.

Unless you can find a pair of these specific stands direct from Philips Canada or on eBay, I think your best shot is to get something like these generic speaker stands where the speaker just sits on a plate on the top. It comes with "no-slip" pads to stick on the stand to help prevent the speakers from moving, or if you feel that's insufficient you could use some double-sided mounting tape or even drill holes in the right place to put screws through.

If you're hoping to wall mount them I think you're out of luck - all the generic aftermarket wall mounts I can find use a clamping system that basically requires the speaker to be square, which yours aren't.
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Best answer: So from the comments on this forum (in German) it seems that the receivers are for M4 10mm machine screws. I've seen an image (sorry can't find link) which shows the brackets as a simple L bracket that you bolt onto underside of the speaker then hang it onto two screws that you've installed at the correct spacing on a wall. My instinct, if I were installing these, would be to get 2 standard L brackets per speaker (something like this) with the correct clearance - you need enough distance from hole centre to angle of bracket to allow for speaker to fit. Then fix brackets to wall at correct horizontal spacing so holes in brackets line up with receivers. Then through-bolt from underneath into speakers.
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