Shortening list of file save-as extensions in VSCode
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How can I reduce the huge list of file save-as extensions in VSCode? I only ever save as .txt, .md/.markdown, .csv, .bat, and a few others like the various Perl and Python extensions. Have looked widely on web but found nothing useful. Is there a list I can load or what?
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I am GUESSING that you can edit the file.associations setting to remove the languages you don't ever use, but they *may* or may not be built in.
posted by kschang at 8:35 PM on May 3

Can't you just add the extension you want to the filename when you save it? Typing a few extra letters seems like a much easier way to deal with this than wrangling a dialog that you likely have no control over.
posted by Aleyn at 8:54 PM on May 3

I normally just add the extension when naming the file. New File - - >
posted by McNulty at 9:12 PM on May 3

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