Korean-style disposable COVID masks, in the US?
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My kid and I both like disposable "Korean-style" masks. Anyone have good sources for ones with interesting patterns, in the US?

We like the ones we get from MaskLab; what else is out there? Must be available in the US, be disposable, and come in interesting colors and/or patterns. (We wear them over plain "surgical style" masks, as Korean-style ones fit us better and are more interesting.)
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Best answer: Be Healthy USA, a Korean importer, just released their POSH collection.

If the KF94 fits well, you don't really need to wear another mask underneath it.
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Response by poster: Just to head off that discussion: my kid and I both have a lot of exposure to unvaccinated people, so we double-mask for now.
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Response by poster: Oh, interesting. We aren't wearing KN95 masks -- we're wearing two surgical-style masks -- but elsewhere they say not to use two disposable masks. I wonder if that includes when they're in two different styles, like we've been doing.
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Response by poster: I guess this AskMe has morphed into "Help me figure out the best masks for my kid and myself." Please take pity on me, mods.

Yes, by Korean-style I meant KF94, thank you for the terms. We both find that they fit better and are more comfortable than the N95 or KN95s. The procedure masks don't fit us as well as the KF94s, so we've been wearing the KF94s over the procedure masks to make them fit. The CDC is saying that would be fine if it were a cloth mask, so I don't understand why it isn't fine if they're both disposable masks; the procedure mask is larger than the KF94, so the KF94 helps hold it in place just like a cloth mask or brace would.

We're not getting weekly tests. We have N95s and cloth masks, but they don't fit as well and aren't as comfortable.
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I just found out that Masklab added a 'global' storefront that has more patterns and colors than their US site offers (though still not the full line available in HK). Worldwide shipping is free with an order over $50 USD, although I can't tell where they're shipping from so it might take longer to arrive.
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Also, if you are regularly buying masks from Masklab, you might to try buying directly from their Hong Kong website. The cost is quite about lower (saves about $20 per box of 10) and you break even on the higher shipping cost with an order of three boxes. You can also get access to some colors and patterns that aren't available via the US store.
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Mod note: A few deleted. Folks, please read OP's question thoroughly and only contribute in helping them find US-based KF94 masks.
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Basically echoing exactly what meowzilla said but Be Healthy USA is based in New Jersey and they import all their KF94 masks from Korea. I've ordered from them multiple times and am super happy with the masks, delivery times, and prices. They almost always have a promo code at the top of the site too so look out for that if you order.

(I haven't tried their new colorful/patterned POSH collection but it looks like both the Kids and Adult POSH masks have adjustable ear loops, and that's been a game changer for KF94 fit for me. I tried a few styles without adjustable loops and they didn't fit as snugly as the adjustable ones. I hope they come out with more patterned KF94's!)
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Just a reminder to anyone and everyone using disposable masks: please cut your ear loops before discarding, wildlife are being harmed by COVID-related PPE trash both in oceans and on land. Thank you and stay safe!
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