I can't belive I forgot it.
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There's a website that, when you put in a url, will extract all the text and display it in a simple, no-ads way. Comparable to threadreader but more for articles, not twitter. I don't really remember if it handles comments or not. It's definitely a website (not a browser add-on) and I've for sure forgotten what it's called - and googling around gets me a lot of stuff about building web scraping programs. Help?

I remember that the name was simple enough that I used to remember it and pull it up whenever I needed it, just not what the dang thing is called.
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Best answer: outline.com?
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Was it Readability?
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Response by poster: Outline! that's it! Thank you!!
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It's worth mentioning that some browsers include this as a built-in feature: Safari and Firefox both have a "Reader View", triggered by a small page icon in the address bar for supported sites. It's not available on all sites, though.
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I'm glad you found your answer, but just to put it out there, I've been using the PrintFriendly browser extension, which gives me options to leave in or take out photos from pages one at a time, and also has a one-click PDF button. Works in both Firefox and Chrome without problem.
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Also Textise.
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Also Pocket.
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Also Instapaper.
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