Can you recommend flower delivery in Oakland?
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I want to send my sister-in-law in Oakland CA flowers on her birthday. Can you recommend anyplace that does pretty, creative arrangements, and isn't over the top expensive?
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What do you consider expensive? I really like Farmgirl Flowers (based in the Bay Area, though not just a local shop).
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I love using Good Eggs for exactly this! They have super cute, affordable bouquets (though perhaps not particularly creative?), plus it's fun to throw in a few snacks / cupcake into the order.
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Seconding Farmgirl Flowers as an excellent florist in the Bay Area.
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Esscents of Flowers is based in Oakland -- they deliver on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (with cake!). That said, because of Mother's Day this week, they're not able to do Friday (or, I assume, Saturday) deliveries this week.

Brother & Sisters is also based in Oakland, and they deliver seven days a week.
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FYI, Farmgirl Flowers has had some major problems with being an abusive workplace and also greenwashing.
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We love Wisteria on College Ave. They make nicer arrangements than Farmgirl or Good Eggs, in my opinion. (We've tried all 3.) They aren't cheap, but Farmgirl has gotten awfully pricey too.
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