Where can I find a list of notable upcoming Academic Books?
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I'm looking for any blogger or magazine out there has lists of upcoming academics books released in the social sciences and humanities although other disciplines are also welcome. There are such lists books for example but usually they're focused on either a particular year or month or season and are not specialized for more non-fiction or academic titles [published by Harvard University Press, for example, but this can W.W. Norton or other more commercial publishers].

I 'd welcome any other such aggregators or lists of books to read that users would recommend specializing in non-fiction and are focused on publicizing upcoming releases.
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The way I do it is to sign up for the newsletters of the various academic presses. Some of them will allow you to select which subjects you are interested in. Wikipedia has a list. Don't necessarily stick to the UK and US ones. Many countries produce works in English as as well as their own language(s).
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Maybe try the New Books Network?
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If recent, rather than upcoming, is at all useful, and you have access via an academic library, you might look at Choice Reviews. The reviews appear shortly after books are released, but they do give a helpful overview of recent academic books, and I often find that browsing their reviews teaches me about books I wouldn't have otherwise heard about.
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The New York Review of Books features a good many full-page ads from various academic presses touting their upcoming and recent titles, as well as in-depth essay/reviews on many books that fit your description.. You might be able to see issues at your public library; it's a worthwhile but expensive subscription.
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I used to work at Baker & Taylor, which is a book wholesale distributor who specializes in library sales. Used to be academic and public libraries, now is mostly focused on public libraries, but they do have some publications with academic titles.

Here are all of their publications. Specifically you should check out:

Humanitas Unbound - forthcoming and newly released (at the time of publication) arts and social science titles.
Scope - science & tech titles.
UPTake - university press titles
UP Close - university press titles that are regional in focus.
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