Where is my drummy poppy music?
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When I was exercising today Paul Simon's Obvious Child came on and WOWEE those drummers got me fired up. Give me more like this! Those happen to be Brazilian drummers, but I'm looking for any super heavy drumming similar to that, even American marching band drum line style, but I do want it similar to this in terms of drums + poppy music. Suggest music for me to sweat to, please!
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Maybe New Orleans Brass Band music? The horns are in the foreground but the drumming is crucial and pretty heavy.
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A couple of my favorite drummy songs that get me moving:

Ramalama (Bang Bang) by Róisín Murphy, which is layers of various percussion plus vocals.

Lose My Breath by Destiny's Child, with a drumline sound.
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I love the version of Tusk from The Dance which is Fleetwood Mac plus a marching college band.
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David Byrne's Rei Momo came out around the same year and is also an American-in-Brazil pop album, heavy on percussion, though maybe not as heavy as Obvious Child.

Dirrty Old Town is not a bad track to give a try too.
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Try using the search term "Burundi beat." You may find some music that scratches this itch for ya.
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The band performing with Paul Simon on that song is Olodum, who are like, the definitive Brazilian samba-reggae band. They also appeared in a version of Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Care About Us. They have a massive catalog, not all of which is poppy but it really runs the gamut! I Miss Her is a reggae tune with great drums.
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The article linked by Dr. Wu mentions the Malcolm McLaren–fueled early-'80s rivalry between Adam & the Ants ("Antmusic," "Kings of the Wild Frontier") and Bow Wow Wow ("C30 C60 C90 Go," "I Want Candy"), both of whom used the Burundi beat. (That article also touches on the cultural appropriation issues and Malcolm's treatment of 14-year-old Annabella Lwin.)

You might also like some things by The Go! Team ("The Power Is On," "Huddle Formation").
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Seconding bertran: Hot 8 Brass Band - Love Will Tear Us Apart (YT, and thanks again to Wordshore).
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If we're talking about New Orleans brass band music, might as well bring up some Mardi Gras Indian music.

Wild Tchoupitoulas - Hey Mama

This techno track isn't poppy, but the propulsive drumming has tons of energy.

Palmbomen II - Samuel Aboah
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I feel like Afro Celt Sound System could have some things for you. One song in particular - When You're Falling.
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Best answer: I just made you two spotify playlists, one with Brazilian music that fits this profile, and the other with a few New Orleans or New Orleans-style and Afro-Beat tracks.

The first tune on the Brazilian playlist doesn't have drums until 45 seconds in, but it's definitely worth checking out. Sergio Mendes recorded 100 drummers in a parking lot because he couldn't find a big enough recording studio to get the sound he wanted.
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Safri Duo
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You Win Again by the Bee Gees brings big drum energy, though I'm less wild about the implicit interpersonal politics of the song.
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Matador by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
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Bruce Peninsula is a weird mashup of genres (folk, gospel, rock, etc) but they are one of my favorite bands partly because of their fantastic and frequently intense percussion. Not sure if they are quite what you are looking for but hey.
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Response by poster: I'm loving all the answers so far! Thank you!
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I love The Obvious Child and I also love Punch In Punch Out. Percussion doesn't start until a bout a minute in.
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You could try the Rockin' 1000 performance of Learn to Fly. That's a lot of drummers.

Their Smells Like Teen Spirit kicks ass as well.
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Course of Empire - Infested I'm not sure it counts as 'poppy' (vaguely industrial metal) but the one minute long intro sounds like a typewriter army and drums throughout are awesome, and it may not be fully 'pop', but the parts with lyrics are not a huge percent of the song - it's mostly drumming.

Vampire Weekend - Sympathy They often borrow liberally from Paul Simon, and this one is no exception. It has a full drum solo towards the end, with bongos, handclaps, and everything going on throughout.
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Olodum also recorded an album with a bunch of jazz musicians that you might enjoy.
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For certain definitions of 'poppy,' there's also nyabinghi music.
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Konono No. 1 was the first thing I thought of here, particularly Mama Liza.

I actually have a playlist called 'Big Drums' that I break out when I have big speakers. It starts with The Specials' Concrete Jungle, Pusha T's Pain, and the version of Guns of Brixton from The Clash's live album, From Here to Eternity.

YMMV for all of them, but bear in mind that Pusha T is the Pusha T from Clipse, and the lyrics are in keeping with the rest of his oeuvre.
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Morris Brown from Outkast's Idlewild album/film features prominent drumline rhythms and marching band horns.
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You might enjoy Serge Gainsbourg's Requiem Pour Un Con and Gainsbourg Percussions
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You could try the Rockin' 1000 performance of Learn to Fly. yt That's a lot of drummers.

Fair warning to the OP that the Rockin' 1000 performance of Learn to Fly DOES have a lot of drummers, but also a lot of singers and guitarists, so it may not be as drum-forward as what you're looking for. However, their Smells Like Teen Spirit might work.
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Oh, and if you want funky upbeat drums, have a dive through Peter Gabriel's post-Genesis catalog. Dude got all up in World Music for a while and used all kinds of global drum styles and rhythms.
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Try "Trashcan" by Delta Spirit
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Great question!

Glad someone's already mentioned New Orleans brass bands. Another New Orleans favorite is the band Galactic - their Carnivale Electricos album is really good for strong percussion. I like Hey Na Na and Ha Di Ka.
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Benny Goodman, Sing sing sing?
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Rusted Root?
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I have many fond memories of drumming along with my obvious child back in the day...some recent downloads include a couple from Madame Gandhi and Mujeres’ Y La Bamba.

Thanks for this post, I don’t have a category, just love the vibe.
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Go-Go music is drum heavy and catchy and melodic.

Go-Go youtube playlist

Chuck Brown, Trouble Funk, Rare Essence, etc.
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Response by poster: I only marked one best answer but they're ALL so good. You've given me so much to listen to! Thanks!
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