"Speaks Volumes" Tweet from Cruz?
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DCist tweeted someone saying, "I guess I’m vaccinated so I don’t have to wear a mask outside but … I really don’t want people to think I’m a Republican." Ted Cruz responded, "Speaks volumes." I don't get how Cruz meant that. I get how those words could be interpreted from a progressive politician critical of the GOP, but obviously that's not Cruz meant it. So I'm finding myself curious almost from a rebus/"word problem" perspective how to interpret that in a GOP-ish way.
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Best answer: Cruzterpretation: People who continue to wear masks outdoors are engaging in political posturing or "virtue-signaling" rather than doing it for a meaningful reason.
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“This just shows how leftists just view masks as a way to enforce obedience to their leftist agenda. Their mania over masks is nothing more than leftist virtue signaling. Leftist, leftist, leftist.”
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he means that doing something not because it's useful or appropriate or comfortable or necessary, but as a way to express scorn for Republicans, is the sort of thing that only someone who values virtue-signaling and hating Republicans over all else would do.
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Just guessing, but probably the idea is that mask wearing is more "virtue signaling" (eech, I hate that phrase) than actual public health measure. So this "overheard" is admitting that, in the view of Cruz and similar jackasses.

On preview: yep.
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I do not want this to be ad hominem, but I don't think Ted Cruz would last long in a discussion with William F. Buckley (had they been contemporaries). In other words, deeply analyzing the former's brief Tweet is probably giving it more credit than it deserves. FWIW, not meant to be political per se.
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Also in the right-wing worldview, "conservatives" are victimized by divisive, culture-warring "liberal" elitists, who look down on them, treat them as stupid and backward, etc.

(Unlike Republicans, who are tolerant, avoid stereotypes and tribalism at all costs, and certainly would not eschew wearing a mask to avoid seeming like a non-Real™ American.)

It's absolutely meant to be political - but these are tribal, us vs. them politics. There's no deeper point.
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I think it's a Republican victimhood thing. "See, liberals hate us so much they are wearing masks rather than have anyone think they're Republican! They are afraid to be treated like Republicans are, where everyone is always canceling us."
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Not gonna lie, thought the same thing. I ordered "I got vaccinated" buttons off Etsy to wear instead. They gotta take my word for it, of course, but....
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this is typical of the inversion tactics we have seen from the right in recent years - here, make mask opposition or refusal into a political shibboleth, and then blame the resulting situation on people who react to that.
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This is really funny- make your party incredibly toxic (I mean, what halfway decent human being wants to be associated with the 'jewish space lasers/insurrectionist/white power/anti-science' party?) and then blame people who want to symbolically distance themselves from that?
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I wear a VACCINATED! t-shirt now. It was originally meant to be comforting. Leave it to an a-hole like Cruz to make it a challenge.
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