Seeking content from nonbinary elders
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I want to follow nonbinary writers/bloggers/tweeters/grammers/podcasters/TikTokers over 40/50/60. Any suggestions?
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Best answer: My partner recommends and
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Best answer: ...and also
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Best answer: Ivan Coyote is on Twitter, as is Kate Bornstein.
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Best answer: If you're okay with the "what it's like to die of cancer" commentary, I'm 54 and on Twitter,
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Best answer: Dara Hoffman-Fox has a book and some interesting YouTube videos, including a series about their experience with breast reduction as a gender-affirming surgery.
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Best answer: Also this video: Non-binary comes in every age.
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Response by poster: I remember Kate’s work from the 90s! Awesome to encounter them again.
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