Wildflower identificaiton
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What small yellow wildflower is this?

Location: southern Ontario
Blooming: now
Leaves: green with purplish markings
Petals: yellow
Environment: bush/forest location
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Best answer: those are yellow trout lilies
posted by RobinofFrocksley at 11:51 AM on May 2 [10 favorites]

Best answer: Agree on the trout lily.
posted by janell at 2:20 PM on May 2

Response by poster: Well, that seems simple. Thanks.
posted by sardonyx at 2:53 PM on May 2

If you have a smartphone, you might enjoy having the app Seek, which uses your camera to identify plants and animals and stuff for you. I love having it on my phone.
posted by hippybear at 3:31 PM on May 2 [1 favorite]

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