Where to get a good empty growler in London?
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I live in a part of London that's got a few micropubs that do take-home beer, but the growlers for sale are cheap plastic jugs. Where can I get a good growler in London?

I would like something that I can store in the wine rack section of my fridge, when appropriate to the beer (hot day, or American-style beers).

I'd prefer metal over glass, and double-walled would be nice for taking out on the bike (even if it would thwart the fridge slightly).

All the ones I've found so far are sold from the US, which uses different volume units to both the UK and metric systems. Or they're bulk glass sales to microbreweries.
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Best answer: How about this one?
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Clapton Craft have branded merch and 6 outlets, Caps and Taps are in Kentish Town and Hop, Burns and Black are in Peckham Rye/Dulwich. Maybe also The Beer Shop in Nunhead. I don't know about Mother Kelly's (Befnal Green or Vauxhall).
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Response by poster: essexjan: Am I missing something or is the volume contained by that bottle unspecified in the listing?
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Response by poster: (Of course I sent too soon: the size was just hidden by the cookie-nag popups)
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