Financial literacy/retirement info resources for Gen Z
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I have been encouraging a Gen Z friend to save for retirement. She is employed (as a contractor) and is doing all right but doesn’t have a lot of extra money. She knows this is useful and important, but isn’t particularly interested in it. We are both in the US.

I am reasonably knowledgeable financially, but I am squarely Gen X and my references and communication style (lots of words, web pages with lots of words) reflects this. My friend is Gen Z, currently single and with no children. She is curious and open to learning, but based on past experience my wordy style of providing info isn’t the best way for her to receive info. What are some resources I could give her that might be more “user friendly” for her?
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Best answer: Ellyce Fulmore is the gateway drug to financial planning for young women. There are a lot of shared hashtags in this planning cohort to discover more.
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Best answer: For text options, I like William Bernstein's shortish PDF If You Can that is focused on retirement. For a more global kind of financial overview, r/personalfinance has the graphic flowchart at the top of the on the common topics page. Perhaps other people have podcast recommendations?
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Best answer: The flowchart that’s on the Reddit page tangaroo linked above is super helpful. The top of that flowchart really breaks down the basics.

The NPR podcast Planet Money helps demystify economics in a fun and engaging way. The podcast has definitely helped me gain confidence when it comes to financial topics. It’s a lot easier to understand the language of finance/economics when someone defines the terms in an easy to understand manner.
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Best answer: Next Gen Personal Finance has a bunch of games around financial literacy topics. They are designed for high schoolers but are honestly pretty fun in general. She should try Stax, as it is focused on retirement investing and shows the power of index fund investing compared to trying to play the market.
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Response by poster: These are great. Thank you all!
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Best answer: I recently found Bitches Get Riches and although it skews a bit young for me (I am an old millennial), I like a lot of their vaguely anti-capitalist takes on personal finance (this one about Amazon is good). They also have lots of typical personal finance stuff like a whole category devoted to Debt.
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