Need help to find international internet radio stations
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I adding the finishing touches to my project of converting a Pye P45 to a Pi internet radio. Turning the tuning knob selects a station from csv file. I want to limit the station list to 30 or 40 items. I currently have my personal favourites in the list. I also want that vintage radio experience of travelling around the world as the knob is turned. I'm finding it surprisingly difficult to find the the right stations.

I'm trying to find local stations with mixed programming (music, talk, drama, documentary etc) but music only is ok if it's not just one genre. I want a few non-English stations in the mix. I'm especially interested in stations from Africa, Australia, South America, and Eastern Europe. My favourite type of programme at the moment is a smooth talking DJ who plays good music and takes calls from listeners who talk about inconsequential things. I've tried googling variations of 'Radio mixed programming' but maybe that's the wrong term.
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Best answer: I've been checking out Radio Panik lately. It's like the Belgian WFMU, as near as I can tell. I'm curious to know what else is currently on your list.
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Best answer: Cool project! Some Europe-centric suggestions, all with quite varied programming:

Studio Brussel (Dutch-speaking, from Belgium)
Yle Sámi Radio (Sámi and Finnish-speaking, from Finnish Lapland)
Sveriges Radio Finska (Finnish-speaking, from Sweden)
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Best answer: Try FIP (France, I think)
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Best answer: Try Radio.Garden
You will still need to do some research to find the name of a station as there is no catalogue. But for random finds it is a perfect option
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arg! Radio Panik is Brussels not Belgium. Sorry.
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Best answer: PBS FM must be included. This is not optional. And if you don't include ABC Radio National as well, you're just missing out.
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My favourite type of programme at the moment is a smooth talking DJ who plays good music and takes calls from listeners who talk about inconsequential things

You want The Party Show. It shouldn't be beyond the range of fairly simple scripting to construct a fake radio station that streams only the most recent episodes of this in a loop.
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wow super cool project i want this for myself!
I hope you publish your process someplace when you finish! <3
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adding my voice to ask that you update this post with a link to project documentation, it sounds like it would be awesome.
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Best answer: Radio New Zealand National
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I suspect any BBC local radio station would get you music and some low pressure chatter, call ins and interviews. It's their stock in trade.
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Was gonna add PBS and see flabdablet has already spruiked them. :)
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TuneIn is another good place to find stations. Despite what the website advertises on the front page and frustrating design choices, they have a huge list of selectable international stations. Choose "listen now" at the top, then "by location" at the bottom of the left menu, then a region at the top to see a list. (You'll need to hunt down the actual station to find a stream without extra junk in it, but at least they're listed by name.)

This sounds like a very cool project.
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Best answer: Previously on mefi just in case you missed it. Radio Garden was already linked above but there are more lovely things linked in that thread's comments.
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Best answer: This is a super old thread where I asked for streaming stations and got some good recommendations that I still listen to today. Here is a newer thread. These both have some good international recommendations. Please report back with your station line-up!
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Response by poster: Many thanks for all the great suggestions. I spent a few pleasant hours hunting down the stream url for each suggestion but I still have a few left. The nice thing about Radio Garden is that the url is very accessible. Below is my list so far. They all work with VLC. There are many Instructables for similar projects but I'm happy to help you if I can.,PBS FM Melbourne,Classic FM,BBC Radio 1,BBC Radio 4,RTE Radio 1,KBON-Louisiana,WNOZ-New Orleans,Roots-Toronto,FIP-Paris,Radio Montmartre,Radio Cubano,NTS-London;&type=mp3,RTDS-Canada,Studio Brussel,Sveriges Radio Finska,Radio Panik Brussels,3RRR FM Melbourne,ABC Radio National Sydney,Citi FM Ghana,LM Radio Johannesburg,Radio Progreso Havana
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I think you want WWOZ, not WNOZ.
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