Looking for weird Twitter accounts to follow
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I’m not interested in famous people or conventional humor, or in the kind of clever one-liners that end up circulating other platforms as screenshots. Think weirder—some combination of surreal, absurd, confusing, and/or vaguely unsettling. @horse_ebooks would be a good example, but I’m looking for accounts that are currently active. What’s out there?
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Best answer: Toilets With Threatening Auras?
posted by Charity Garfein at 12:53 PM on May 1, 2021 [5 favorites]

Magic Realism Bot?
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The much beloved Giant Military Cats
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@ManzoniGabriela is like that (but in French though)
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80's News Screens
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The Would You Rather Bot often generates some really thought-provoking questions.

Midsomer Murders Bot
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Nonstandard McDonald's
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70s Dinner Party
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Pulp Librarian?
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Threat Update
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Not a wolf
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Best answer: Councillor Rowan Battley
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@pookleblinky. The guy is a genius of weirdness, check out this thread
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Galaxy Brain Bot: memes generated by GPT-2 but human-curated. (I’ve linked to the SFW variant because I find it substantially funnier than the NSFW version. The SFW version is usually pure absurdity, whereas the NSFW version mostly just says “dick” all the time.)
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My favorite twitter list is the one that is mostly just every USPS lot interspersed with this account that just tweets the lyrics to Boys Are Back In Town Again. You might also like Glass Jar of Moles or Horniman Walrus.
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Paperback Paradise makes fake covers of books that I wish existed.
Nihilist Arby's is the best dark parody of brand accounts.
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follow dril you cowards
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You want r/tumblr on Reddit. It's a curated subreddit of funny and interesting posts. I check it often, and find it generally precedes other social media by about a month with new memes. Tumble and 4chan are the birthplace of 90% of the memes you see, buy 4chan can be, um, problematic to say the least.

Find the Tumblr blogs posting the humor you like the most in the subreddit and you can curate your own Tumble account to match exactly what you want.
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Interior design critics rate rooms in nude gay selfies. Extremely NSFW but one of John Waters' favorites. Lurid Digs
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This one. LarrY.
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perhaps @DVSblast
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Images With Elegiac Auras and a curated bot trained on it.
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da share z0ne
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Micro SF/F
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I think Stacey Nightmare is a hoot. (A rude, awful hoot.)
Fuck Every Word is fun sometimes.
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Jessi Rihanna is my favorite Twitter account, the most masterful prose stylist of our time ... she [??] has only 10K followers!! This is an outrage!
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DPRK News has a touch of absurdity that I like
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Best answer: Obvious Plant and Paperback Paradise.
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Scarfolk: https://twitter.com/scarfolk
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