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I'm looking for kids' books that are like the Eloise series: fairly long for picture books, relatively complex language for a picture book, hilarious pictures, a distinctive, funny voice in the writing, and a main character who makes choices that are clearly bad and funny to the reader but the character doesn't seem aware of this. Any topic is ok.

I have a kid who loves the Eloise books, I think because they are relatively long, interesting and complex compared to other picture books. He even writes stories in the voice of Eloise. What other books might he like?
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I don't know about the length or the language level, but the Amelia Bedelia books satisfy the other criteria.
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The Story of the Blue Planet by Andri Snær Magnússon.
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I think the Skippyjon Jones books will satisfy most of your requirements. They’re fairly formulaic, but they are good fun.
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You could try your kid out on illustrated chapter books too. They might be ready for Ramona, who fits this bill!

Picture book wise, we read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs many times, which is from the Wolf's standpoint and pretty hilarious.
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came to say Amelia Bedelia
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Creepy Carrots.

I want my hat back.

The book with no pictures.

Dory Phantasmagory.
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Chris van Allsburg's books, especially Two Bad Ants.
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Moira's Birthday by Robert Munsch
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Ursula Vernon’s books. Specifically the Dragonbreath and Hamster Princess series.
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Curious George.
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How Tom Beat Captain Najork and his Hired Sportsmen, by Russel Hoban, illustrated by Quentin Blake.
This book is an absolute classic, every kid should have a copy!
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The books by Beatrix Potter.

"The Tale of Peter Rabbit" is the obvious one but there are many others where the main character makes serious mistakes in judgement.

The language may be a little too advanced for your young reader because it uses language that is over a century old. In "The Tale of Tom Kitten" Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit scrubs her children's faces, dresses them in clean pinafores and tuckers and unwisely turns them out to the garden to wait for her visitors where they climb the rockery. She is soon affronted to find her children have dirtied and lost their clothes.

However they are classics and should be available at any decent children's library and you can check there first if you think your kid will enjoy them.
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Frog and Toad.
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I really enjoyed the Grandpa books by James Stevenson

Could be Worse!

They're fun, funny, and visually enjoyable. I love the fact that Grandpa and Wainey have mustaches even though they're children. The pictures are great; watercolours in comic book style. I think your son would LOVE them. I remember them being hilarious.
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My kid loves the Ottoline books for this reason.
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The Amelia’s Notebook series (no relation to Bedelia).

The Madeline series.
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I like The Wild Baby by Barbro Lindgren. I particularly enjoyed, as a child, that the baby never learned to be any less out of control.
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This is a comic strip rather than a picture book, but Calvin & Hobbes scratches this itch very well for my kids, and it ticks all of your boxes.
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Not picture books, but VERY early chapter books with plenty of pictures: Junie B. Jones. My daughter loved these books when she was 4-5yo, and they tick your other boxes. Also, as a parent who sometimes read them with her, I can say there were genuinely funny/enjoyable bits in them which cannot be said about most early chapter books.
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mo willems'pigeon
jack gantos' rotten ralph
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