Postal bee fan requiring cogitation (5,2,5)
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I think I've been entering the Private Eye crossword competition for years, but have I?

So, the Private Eye crossword accepts postal entries, and is the only crossword I've entered by email. I take a picture of the completed grid (hand written, grid only), attach it to an email, and send, along with my name and address to the email address given. Is this the right way to do it? I've tried asking them in the email and on Twitter when I was on that: no response. I could send in a list of numbers and answers, or I could make a fair copy in the online version to send in. Am I solving into the void? Is there a standard way to enter crosswords by email?
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Can you clarify - the page you've linked to explicitly says to enter by emailing the completed crossword to the email address given - what is it that makes you question whether that's right?
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I think the OP is questioning what emailing the completed crossword means - emailing a photo? Emailing a list of numbers and answers? Emailing a screenshot of the solved online version? What is it specifically that's supposed to be emailed?
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Best answer: The Eye is a very low-tech magazine. It may still be using manual paste-up for its layout, as I know it was until very recently. You won't be the only one sending it that way.
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Response by poster: I'm almost certainly overthinking it: a digital photo of the completed grid seems like a really heavy duty way of accepting entries (many gigabytes of photos every two weeks). Redstart is correct in the interpretation of the question. I've never had any feedback on entry, and I could have just been doing it wrong all this time.
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Best answer: heavy duty way of accepting entries (many gigabytes of photos every two weeks)

Sounds it, but really they only have to open one, maybe 3 emails tops before they see their winner. The rest are likely either deleted unread, or archived in accordance to local law surrounding contest entries.

I do the NYT crossword every day, but the puzzle you just linked to terrifies me in a good way, so thanks for sharing it!
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