Clip-on Step Counter that works with Apple Health?
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I've been using the built-in step counter in Apple Health on my phone lately. The only thing I don't like is always carrying my phone around. Do you know of a small step counter (doesn't have to do any other fitness tracking stuff) that writes to Apple Health? I don't want a watch - I'd rather have something I can clip to my waistband or stick in my pocket.

It is OK if it does other tracking stuff. From what I've read, FitBit writes to its own app and then other apps are needed to write to Apple Health - but if I'm wrong about that, please let me know. :)

Cheap is nice - but not required.
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Was going to say "a gently used FitBit One" but I have now seen how much they are selling for on eBay and I am gobsmacked. (The same applies to the Zip.) The Inspire 2 is perhaps overkill for your needs, but can be worn with a clip.
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Unfortunately the clip-on trackers are mostly dead. I think you can use a Mi Band from Xiaomi (like this one) to sync steps with Apple Health (though not its other data), and then pick up a clip like this one to use instead of the wristband.

I used an Amazfit Bip for a while, which is a barebones smartwatch that uses the same Mi Fit app as the bands. It was a very good experience overall but there's definitely a bit of clunkiness in the setup process compared to bands from Fitbit or Apple.
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Garmin devices do need the Garmin Connect app, but you can sync Garmin Connect with Apple Health, no third party app required. The vivofit series would do what you want - the device can pop out of the band and you could keep it in your pocket (or possibly get a third party clip accessory for it. They also have a battery that’ll last about a year rather than needing to be recharged every few days.

The vivofit 4 is the latest - it costs about $80. But you could pick up one of the previous versions cheaper (just check to make sure that the band isn’t integral - I think the 3 also pops out, but I’m not sure about the earlier versions or the jr. line).
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