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I have Windows 10 on my computer. I used to have an Epson printer/scanner that came with a scanning program that would allow me to preview the results and adjust the brightness and contrast (if necessary) before saving the file. Now I have a Brother laser printer/scanner and I cannot find another program that will allow a preview of the document. Do you know of one?
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Vuescan and Silverfast are two main ones
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Plus one for Vuescan. The interface is not very pretty, but I have been using it for many, MANY years with a wide variety of scanners and computers, and it always works. The author does a very impressive job of keeping it updated. And I believe it's quite a bit cheaper than Silverscan last time I checked.
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I think Vuescan and Silverfast might be overkill for what you are looking for. (I' use Vuescan for film scanning). Doesn't the Brother machine include software for the scanner that allows you to preview and adjust the scan? What model of Brother do you have?
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NAPS2 is simple and free, and gives you preview through the native UI.
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Brother's own software is Control Center 4 which is what my JD480DW came with. It will do preview if you enable "pre-scan" else it just does a single pass.
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Have you tried the one that is baked into Windows 10? Go to Settings/Devices/Printer and Scanners on the left.
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I use Adobe Photoshop Elements just because I've had it for years.

My Brother inkjet printer came with "Brother iPrint & Scan" which doesn't actually do much, but it does show you the raw scan, plus has a button to go directly to a separate image edit program.
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