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A good friend is going through a health scare (chemo) in Amsterdam right now and I wanted to send a care package to get them through this time.

Based on other posts, I know that soft, comfy, things are the way to go. Where can I order those things for delivery in Amsterdam (I am based in the US). Cashmere socks? Soft hoodie? Plush blanket? Would love any and all suggestions please!
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Can't speak to where to order them in Amsterdam, but go with machine-washable rather than cashmere. It pains me to say it as a natural fibers snob, but there's risk of messiness and no one will have the energy to hand-wash stuff.

Don't forget the robe, which is nice for hospital admissions or just keeping cozy during outpatient infusions.
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Maybe Hema is your best bet? Ubiquitous housewares and clothing. There’s also a department store, De Bijenkorf. Check out shipping options?
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I'm gonna go way off base here... I don't know what the Amsterdam health system is like, maybe this thing is provided for them free of charge. But as a U.S. based cancer-having person: hospital emesis bags are the absolute most useful thing to have around if puking is a Thing. Dunno if you want to get this up-close-and-personal with their issues, but... just a suggestion.
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I always preferred soft goods from V&D over Hema.
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I would order from if you want to buy clothing or if you want anything else. Both have free shipping, easy returns, and websites that are pretty easy to navigate via Google Translate. Here are cashmere socks, hoodies, blankets.

Hema stuff is cute but often low-quality, and De Bijenkorf is really only worth it if you want designer-label stuff.

Regarding WaywardPlane's suggestion, the Dutch word is braakzakje (examples: 1, 2).
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