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Lately all I want is to drape myself in neutral-colored flattering, fashionable but also flow-y clothing.

I know about Eileen Fisher, but any other brands you recommend? Would also take links to specific pieces you love. (Also I love Eileen Fisher but I want something a little ... younger, if that makes sense). Thank you!
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I'm not sure where you are located, but I really enjoy clothes from East, many of which are flow-y and some of which are neutral-coloured. Maybe something like this, or this?
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Yohji Yamamoto to my mind would be emblematic for this, and if you're alright shopping second-hand, it could be affordable.

Of course, it helps if you like black.
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COS - you want COS
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Yes to COS, and A.P.C. might have some pieces you’ll like.
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Etsy may have what you're looking for: for example
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You’re getting really good answers here. I’ll just add one more. If you’re rich (or good at consignment) Rick Owens is good for this too. Like with Eileen Fisher, his colours are consistent year-over-year, so ‘sand’ or ‘pearl’ will always be the same and can be mixed and matched from different years. His style reads as younger than Eileen Fisher, in part because the cuts are very lean. And like with Eileen Fisher the clothes are basically indestructible.
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I bought these and these and a few crop tops from Sozy and they're incredibly comfortable. Not everything from this brand qualifies as "flowy" but it's all soft and pajama-like while being flattering and suitable to wear outside.
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Vince fits this description.
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Mordenmiss might have some things for you (also available on Amazon if that's your thing). I've only bought a couple of pieces but I have no complaints about the quality for the price.
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I have this dress in 4 colors and wear it at least 3 times a week. If you're looking for a specific item recommendation.
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Econica, based in the Toronto area, is a small company that ships to the US and makes clothes that are all about the flowy.

The hues range from a natural palette (black, white, ivory, taupe, charcoal gray, natural) to the more saturated colorways to which I am partial; the fabric is bamboo, cotton, linen and merino wool. The prices seem reasonable for what you're getting (up to $235 for a long robe that has multiple five-star reviews).

Disclaimer: I haven't ordered from Econica, but I've drooled over their offerings for years. Perhaps now is the time.
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