Recommend sources for photos of queer haircuts on real middle-aged folx
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Hello, I am looking for a new queer/NB haircut that is compatible with my autistic needs (NO buzz or side shaves). My stylist has suggested that I look at real people's haircuts on TikTok and Instagram, and would love to see folks over 40/50/60. Any accounts or blogs you would suggest?

General hair needs: thick, wavy, salt-and-pepper. Autistic sensory/executive-function hair needs: near-zero-maintenance styling (a little hair oil is ok), still looks decent after growing out for 3-6 months (so a buzz is out), no random bits of hair in my face, no shaved bits (too much maintenance). Queer hair needs: I usually wear my hair between bob and lob due to the aforementioned needs. I already dye it bright colors with natural roots that can grow out to any degree. I would like something that reads a bit non-binary (yes, NBs and guys can wear longish hair). I'm already aware of butchhairquarantine. I see that the mullet is coming back, but as a 55-year old who is still traumatized by the memory of my 1980s lesbimullet, I'm unlikely to go that direction. I kind of like this one, but I'm not sure if would require a lot of product or look bad after growing out. This is not me but very similar to the style I usually get.
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Lots of colour at Flint and interesting cuts.
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I like Butch is Not a Dirty Word for things more on the masc side - they feature people of all colors and body types, though it does skew youngish.

Personally, I think the queer quiff/coiff works for almost everyone. Basically, short on the sides, parted on one side, long on top. It does start out with shaved/short sides but in my experience with having this haircut, the sides don't need to be maintained - they look fine if they grow out between cuts. If your hair is more full-bodied, things get pretty fun after a month or two. If your hair is straight, it just looks like you have a cool queer asymmetrical haircut.
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The stylist I went to in California specializes in queer cuts on people of all ages. You'll have to scroll back some to find the ones that don't involved shaved sides, but there definitely are some. Joey Stevenson on Instagram.
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RE shaved sides, I concur that on most people they don't look bad growing out, and are the easiest way to read as queer if that's a goal. When I do keep up with mine, I do it myself in five minutes once a week, but definitely understand that can be a level of maintenance/ sensory issue that's not for everyone.
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