Seeking Instagram recommendations for life in rural Korea or Japan
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I'm looking for Instagram* accounts that feature glimpses of life in either rural South Korea or Japan. Relevant hashtags would be helpful as well. *Instagram is preferred but Twitter would be ok as well, but really looking for visuals.
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Is video out? There's some fun youtubes.
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Kevin Kelly has posted many or all of the beautiful, interesting photos from Asia Grace. His next book is Vanishing Asia.
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Best answer: Kei Maeda posts landscape photography, mostly, and mostly of Hokkaido. Not really rural life, but countryside.
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Response by poster: ivan ivanych samovar, sure, I'd love to see what you've found on Youtube!
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Best answer: Cultivated Days is the account of a food writer who lives in rural Kyushu.
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This is a bit outside of your parameters, but you may enjoy the reality show Hyori's Homestay (Hyori's Bed and Breakfast on Netflix). It's a very loose reality show about a couple of musicians hosting people in their rural(ish) vacation home/ a tourist brochure for Jeju Island. Lots of sitting around and drinking tea on the porch and walking on the beach. It's a really relaxing watch but it's not the traditional 'rural' content you may be looking for.
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