Chinese Antiques Filter, Grant me some Knowledge
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Hi AskMe, I've had previous success with obscure questions, and admired the amount of knowledge the hive mind has on all kinds of subjects. My mom would like to learn more about these antiques. Dad made a habit of collecting Chinese art, but we don't really know much about the historical context, how valuable it might be, and so forth.

I'd appreciate any info you all can provide. She is curious about anything and everything, so please give any thoughts that come to mind. If there are more specialized fora for this question, I'd love to be linked to them as well.

Thanks, as always, AskMe.
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They look like these Tang dancer statuettes. Possibly replicas?
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(Apologies for the ridiculous language in the description at that link.)
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This is not my area of specialty in any way form or fashion, but my first instinct says tourist replicas. Any idea of what they are made from? Something about the material seems wrong to me. (Again, novice opinion) Any markings on the bottom? Hollow or solid? Do they seem heavy for the size, or light?

I'd look for a dealer or museum type and see if they will identify them.
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