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I'm the forest crone your father warned you about. Where do I buy my clothes, shoes and jewelry? Feminine-ish to neutral presentation, 5'3" and 140lbs. Inspo pics very much appreciated.
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haha, what kind of crone? if a sort of fantasy crone then perhaps Pyramid Collection?
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Femme-to-neutral presentation person here, about 5'8" and 165lbs. My style is pretty basic these days -- mostly just jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies, but I really enjoy playing with colors. I can't tolerate tight/restrictive clothing or fake pockets, and I've been trying to buy less disposable and synthetic clothing. The main places I've been buying stuff recently are:
  • T-shirts and sweats from Jungmaven, available in really great colors. I've bought some of their pants, but didn't like those as much, although they're not bad. Most of what they offer is very basic, but so far it's worn well, with the exception of a natural dye piece that faded. And magically, cat hair seems to not stick to the hemp fabric!
  • Jeans from Duer. The slim-fit mens styles fit me well, and they are super-stretchy without looking too much like they're stretchy. I have a pair of the "fireside" ones that have fuzzy-warm lining, and the "performance" ones which have some coolmax and dry faster than typical jeans.
  • My favorite workout gear is from Ripple specifically their extra-long slouchy pants. They're form-fitting enough not to get in the way, and to let a teacher see what I'm doing, but not so form-fitting that I have to worry about panty lines or a long top.
  • Underpants from Tomboy-X are amazing. Get the dinosaur underoos you've always wanted! They're just-thick-enough sturdy cotton with a wide, soft elastic waist. I like the basic briefs best, but all the styles I've tried have been good.
For more fashionable or femme clothes, I love the look of dresses like this and this from Etsy (simple, minimalist, generously cut) but they're just not me at all, so I can't actually vouch for any sellers. Got both of those from a search for "linen dress" which tends to turn up a lot of similar things, and it seems like a style a lot of Korean brands offer.

For crazy colors and patterns, and inspiration on how to combine them, Gudrun Sjödén is amazing. I've never purchased from them, but have heard good things in a lot of different places. I love the look of lots of loose layers in bright colors.
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My interpretation of "forest crone" would be textured knits, wools, and linens in natural colors like pine green, grey, and rust. This Pinterest link, if you scroll down, has images illustrating what I'm picturing.
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Well you thrift them of course. They're all natural fibers like linen, cotton, silk. ThredUp, The Real Real, Poshmark. If you're a witch of the tundra I suggest checking out Petite Knits' Instagram for inspiration on which pieces and looks to find.
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I would like to be a forest crone and have had my eye on these internet merino wool companies: Wool& for dresses and leggings and Woolx for other wool things. I haven’t purchased from them and thus can’t vouch for either, but I aspire toward a mostly wool wardrobe. Thus far my REI clearance merino finds have been suitable but hodgepodge. Kari Traa (often on REI clearance) makes some fun and colorful sweaters/baselayer leggings.

Shoes: I buy Ecco shoes off Poshmark and hope for the best (Danish forest crone footwear). I got a pair of discounted men’s insulated Danner hiking boots this year from REI, and they have been life changing for winter walking and forest kid play dates (but are not beautiful).
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My dream forest crone outfits are from Samantha Pleet.

Also Unlogical Poem makes wonderful things. these two mushroom print numbers especially.
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Taking some guesses at what you mean: Po-em is really great. Loads of linen with wood block prints in natural dyes.

Gudrun Sjödén is really fun, very Swedish countryside. Cozy and practical and eco-friendly, too.
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There's a fair amount of Eileen Fisher at ThreadUp! And their "You May Also Like" algorithm isn't bad, so if you search for "chunky wool cardigan" and refine to a color you like, you may be able to drill down and discover other brands/shapes you like.
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Best answer: Hello fellow forest crone! The search terms you want are lagenlook or mori dress. Mori tends to be more feminine than lagenlook.

I, personally, have been living in this linen dress, this flowy linen skirt, and this two piece. I usually belt the flowy tops, as I'm curvy and unbelted flowiness can make me look body. I also wear this hat, because I am that extra. I had a pair of leather flats custom made ($90) on Etsy by a Turkish cobbler and they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever had, and really well made. I'm probably getting a second pair in another color, or possibly the same style but in a low boot.

If you are feeling very fancy, you could commission Selene Gibbous to make you something truly spectacular.
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Let me heartily second Gudrun Sjoden. Her marketing tends to overdo the layering bit, but any single garment will have you looking like the crone/nymph/sprite of your dreams.
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If I were a crone with money, I would buy all the jewelry from Mercury Orchid.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!

Several of these look intriguing, but ananci hit it out of the park.
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