Alternatives to Cheap, Attractive Office Chair
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Been looking at getting this Ikea Chair for the past month but it has been out of stock at my local IKEA. What other chairs fit the characteristics: A) Price (up to $250), B) aesthetics (doesn't look too-officy) C) Ergonomics (High back, adjustable height and tilt) D) Fabric
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Staples is having a sale on their house brand Union and Scale Essentials Chair for $80.

I picked up one on impulse last week - it's pretty good, nothing spectacular, but for this price it's fine with me.
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Not what you asked, but I have that chair (though in the lower back) and have found it very comfortable.
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You might search to see if you can find a local office furniture store nearby. My husband found a place that is awash in lightly used office chairs from companies that are currently downsizing their space. (The sales guy said they have a whole warehouse full, and this is fast becoming a thing.) He was able to sit in a bunch of chairs until he found one that felt right. He got something with an MSRP of $1100 for less than $300 and it looks brand new.
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Wayfair has a great selection of office chairs, with especially good search functionality for narrowing things down. Make sure to click "Show more filters" to see all the search parameters.

(Personally, I recently bought this from Wayfair as a substitute for the out-of-stock Långfjäll, but my criteria were pretty different from yours. Specifically, I was looking for a chair that, like the Långfjäll, has an option with glides instead of casters. Anyway, this one probably looks too officey for you. But you should be able to find many options meeting your criteria and aesthetic preferences on Wayfair.)
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Seconding to look for office furniture surplus stores; most of my home office furniture came from them at a significant discount over what they sold for new and were only lightly used.
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I have had a Sit on It "Novo Task" chair shown here for several years and love it; it's pretty enough to make my living room look good and is very comfortable. It's a bit over your budget (~$350), but I was able to select the colors I want (mine is white and teal, it makes me so happy).
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I've been using the Ikea HATTEFJÄLL chair in grey fabric (with armrests) for months now and it's super comfortable.
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