I'm looking to find volunteering websites from Francophone countries.
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I'm located in the California time zone and am trying to find remote volunteers who speak both French and English.

I'm not just interested in translation, but more admin support work. I was recently contacted by a volunteer living in Europe and would like to have a deliberate strategy for reaching potential international volunteers outside the United States.

In the United States, we use LinkedIn and then two websites: Volunteermatch and Idealist. I'm wondering what the equivalent websites are in the Francophone world. Also interested in any job boards aimed at expatriates in the United States!
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I think this is going to be country-specific. Here's an article that lists the major sites for finding volunteer opportunities in France. For example, the list of remote admin opportunities at tousbenevoles.org.

In France at least, things are organized through associations, so you might have more luck finding an association with a similar mission and reaching out to them directly.
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Check with your local Alliance Francaise. It's an outreach program supported by the French government, with the mission of celebrating French language and culture. You can ask them to forward your request to their teachers or advanced students .
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