Gallery of NYC vaccination stickers
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It seems like many of the city and state-run vaccination sites in New York City have their own custom stickers. Is there an online gallery somewhere where I can see all the sticker varieties?

I got my vaccine at the Aquaduct Racetrack and got a relatively unremarkable sticker that stated as much. Now that the AMNH is a vaccination site, they have their own sticker with the whale on it, which is really cool! It made me curious about what the other site stickers look like. Has anyone gathered these up so we can see all the designs? Or, if you got vaccinated in NYC or anywhere else and want to share your sticker with a great design, please do so here!
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I got my Moderna vaccines at the Staten Island Gotham Health/Vanderbilt tent during Phase 1C, and they didn't have stickers. I wish I'd gotten a sticker! (I mean, I'm just glad to be vaccinated, but yeah. I also love stickers.) I envy all y'all sticker-getters. I'll look forward to seeing sticker pics.
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I got mine at a high school in Brooklyn.


I like that Lady Liberty has a little band-aid on her arm.
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Response by poster: This Twitter thread has a couple of good examples, including the AMNH one and the Citifield one.
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