Recommendations and experiences with LifeLock
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Missus Tchozz's father recently passed away and she is handling the estate and helping her mother. Her father had a LifeLock account for himself as he managed more or less all of the finances. Should we get a LifeLock account for his surviving spouse now? If so, do we cancel his and start a new one, or does it transfer?
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I just remember LifeLock being roundly mocked in security blogs for poor security practices, the kind of things that led to this brief but damning summary. That info is from 2015, so maybe they've cleaned up their act since then? But personally I'd be trying to extricate my family from LifeLock, not committing them further.
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Oh my goodness no. Not only did the founder get his identity stolen 13 times, they were also charge by the FTC with deceptive business practices not once but twice.

If your family needs identity theft protection, the industry standard these days is Experian Identity Works (or similar products from the other credit bureaus).
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