Anonymous donation?
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How can I make anonymous donations?

Is it possible to anonymously give away money? By this I mean donations where nobody knows who gave the money, particularly the recipient.

Suppose the donations are mainly to charities, but might also be to political parties/candidates or individuals. I know I can't really be anonymous when giving to politicians, but how close can I get?

Is it possible to give anonymously and still be able to claim a tax deduction for charitable donations?
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The phrase "anonymous donation" typically means that the recipient doesn't reveal to any third party who the donor was, not that the recipient doesn't know who it was.

how close can I get?

Cash in an envelope with no return address.
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Donation through most charities seems to meet that criteria: you give to the local homeless shelter, they distribute to the homeless, and the homeless don't know you exist.
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Here is a previous question that addresses the anonymous political donation part of this.
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Gold coins in the Salvation Army kettle? They don't give receipts, though.
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Your other option is to go through a lawyer. You direct your lawyer to make the contribution "on behalf of a client who wishes to remain anonymous."
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A money order mailed to them with no return address. Maybe also include a note saying "This is an annonymous donation."

Bonus: keep the reciept for a tax deduction.
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Best answer: onhazier hit it on the head. I work in development for a non-profit. We do receive donations from "anonymous donors" and those gifts are made though attorneys or brokers, if the gift is stock.

We also sometimes get anonymous gifts from intermediary entities like Fidelity Charitable Trust. You give them the money, and then designate where it goes, and choose to be anonymous.
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There are certain limits on how anonymous "anonymous" can be, because if it was too easy it could be used to launder money.
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Yes, go through a lawyer. It's illegal to make political donations this way, but you can for others.
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Wouldn't a money order also work, at least for donations that aren't huge?
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