Find this stuffed animal pig
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My daughter really wants a stuffed animal pig that looks like this. It's a very pink cartoon pig, fuzzy and pretty weird looking.

Do you recognize it? Is it from a cartoon? Since the picture was from an educational app I would guess it is not a trademarked character and instead I'm just on a wild pig chase.
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Check out Stuffed Safari – they may have something that is close. It’s my go to when my kids want something.
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Looks like a toy bear with a nose job. :D

I was thinking Aliexpress, and apparently their pigs usually have wide-set eyes around the nose. This was the only one I found with eyes tight together above the nose.
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Russ Berrie seems to have thought pig faces look kind of like for a long time, though I'm not finding anything that's an exact match to yours. Here's a modern iteration that might please her if she can forgive the more muted color.
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love to chase pigs on internet.

This does feel like it was some sort of carnival prize someplace and it's probably a royalty free stock photo, so could be from anywhere. I checked ebay.

getting close
Hmmm this is the right... hairyness but not the right eyes
Same Energy?
Different Same Energy
Similarly unhinged
This actually seems like the carnival prize from the first link lol

But if we can't find the exact one, maybe a pair of pink pig slippers would satisfy?
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a reverse image search comes up with a couple references to a vintage amusement park post card... unfortunately most the links are broken. (in case the search link is temporary here's one of the images to seed it again)
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You'll find that image in this documentation.
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I think your best bet is going to be literally going through page after page after page of stuffed pink pigs on AliExpress until you find something close enough in the vast library of Chinese stuffed animals that suffices. The photo is at least 13 years old, never associated with any product pages I can find, and they were definitely just some cheap stuffed animals on some carnival game prize wall. It is exceedingly unlikely it is still in production.
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This Percy Pig is pretty cute and huge. However, I tried looking up Percy Pig and found it to be a candy brand in the UK. I don't understand why it has an extra set of ears. Anyone?
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kschang: the two sets of ears was for easter this year (bunny ears). percy pig usually only has one set of ears.
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@kschang Percy normally has two ears, I think the stuffed Percy in that image will have been wearing some bunny ears to celebrate Easter. Percy is not an Easter character but there are often special Percy-branded Easter sets of sweets and toys and chocolate eggs at the expected time of year.
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percy is a marks & Spencer house brand; I've only seen him in edible versions
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Oh, it looks a lot like a stuffed piggy bank I used to have. And there's one for sale on Ebay!

You put the money into it's mouth and there's a zipper on the butt to pull the money out from. Loved it as a kid, it was surprisingly high quality and well made.
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