Look for a site showing step-by-step HTML + CSS styling interactively.
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There was somebody's blog or personal site from 3~5 years ago that showed a basic un-styled HTML page, then as you click next step, the author shows you what CSS has been added to the existing page in order to slowly style the page with to make it look nicer with fonts, page margins, line heights, et cetera. I believe there were around 7 steps/pages in total. I forgot to bookmark this page and trying to find it now, anyone?
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CSS Zen Garden.
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Here is a simple interactive example at w3schools.
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You ask a very general question-- there must be thousands of CSS styling tutorials online-- but I feel like I have seen something like what you describe, and in fact, seem to remember one page which I could not find.

It sounds like from your description, the emphasis was on styling a simple mostly-text blog using "text styling" and not as much using css to provide a complicated layout of many components that are aligned, floated, padded, and enhanced with images.

The closest thing I could find to what your are looking for was this article on web typography.
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You might be thinking of mylight.website. Go to the Start Here page for the step-by-step walkthrough that I think you're describing.
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Best answer: Oh, actually I think Web Design in 4 Minutes might be a more likely candidate. Like mylight.website, it starts as a simple HTML page. This one is a single page that updates itself with new CSS and content as you read and click through the article. It has more focus on the typographic elements that you specifically mentioned, and it shows the actual CSS within the content of the page.
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Response by poster:
> Oh, actually I think Web Design in 4 Minutes might be a more likely candidate.
Yep, that's the one. Thanks!
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