What's going on with these identical websites?
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Inspired by previous askmes I was looking for some nice heavyweight new t-shirts, but along my travels realised that some of these websites are basically identical. Whats going on?

Is it just a website template recommended by the supplier or something? People setting up knock-off sites with the same product? Normally the identical sites and stock pictures would ring big shipped-direct-from-China warning bells to me but they're missing the other usual tells for that, and the text does differ even though the t-shirts seem exactly the same.
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Best answer: They are, in fact, sites hosted by the same company. I quick WhoIs shows their parent is Teemill.com
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They are the same storefront. If you click thru "terms of use" at the bottom, they are identical, all refer to Teemill Tech.
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FWIW, I see this same thing with appliance or auto parts sites. Different names and urls, but the same store.
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Response by poster: Ah! So there's probably not much call to be suspicious of the actual manufacturing claims then (other than the usual issues)? That is good to know.
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Best answer: I've bought loads of stuff from Rapanui (aka Teemill), all above board.

See my two comments in this recent thread about Rapanui, and the Rapanui backstory on their website, which talks about developing the Teemill platform so others could use their production facilities to print their own T-shirts.
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