I'm looking for a men's T-shirt with a sleeve length a little longer.
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I'm looking for more upper arm coverage. My husband is 70 and likes his clothes comfy and also fitting. I would appreciate any recommendations we can check online.
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I like the Gildan 5700. It's a 3/4 length sleeve available in a range of colors. You can buy it on Amazon, or from a variety of wholesale-adjacent clothing sites.
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Perhaps Duluth Trading Company? At least some of their shirts have longer-than-average sleeves, but still look basically like normal t-shirts. I linked to a specific one, but they've got a variety of styles. Do make sure you check the size guide -- their shirts seem to run rather large.
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Yep my 70 year old dad really liked the shirts from Duluth, they can also run long in the back to prevent plumber butt types of things.
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tall sizes
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I agree with brujita. I have longish arms, and XL shirts that fit my torso don't have long enough sleeves. When I finally started looking at "big and tall" sizes I found shirts with longer sleeves that actually reach my wrists.
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