Yellowknife to Jamaica custom excursion
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Where can I find a lot of information about the travel and resort industry with an eye to arranging a charter from Yellowknife (Northern Canada) to western Jamaica?

My family and some friends are in the broad-strokes planning stages of organizing a trip to Jamaica for January 2007. That's 4 adults and 5 children under 8 years old. Resort (probably Beaches) is the way for us to go. But with airfares as extortionate as they are from here (Yellowknife - Kingston C$2059, Edmonton - Kingston C$1035), I'd like to look into getting together 30-40 families and chartering a airliner to try to get a substantially reduced price. (The airport in Yellowknife can accomodate a 737 fully loaded and larger aircraft partially loaded i.e. would need additional fuel at some point on the way down.)

The information I'm looking for would be on how the research needed to take to a group of potential travellers and almost certainly a travel agent. I need to know what I'm talking about, checklists, considerations, etc.

So, I'm looking for information on chartering aircraft, charter airlines, resorts and the resort business as regards discounts and pricing for a group going to multiple resorts (I don't want Beaches overrun with Yellowknifers - we're good folks, but I'm not just escaping the cold!), and information on the different resorts in Western Jamaica (okay, that should be easy).

I expect a ton of reading out of this, so hit me hard! (And thanks!) (And please excuse all the brackets.)
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You need to contact airlines like Air Transat. I'm sure if you offered them enough money they could make a plane appear in Yellowknife for you. There are a lot of such airlines; they usually have fleets of less than a dozen aircraft, and specialize in vacation travel. Find all the ones that fly in Canada, and start calling.

Here are all the airlines that fly out of Pearson. Start calling the ones you don't recognize.
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Air Canada has a charter service called Jetz (many, if not all Canadian based NHL teams use it as the service of choice). More info can be found here.

Additionally, Westjet offers charter services to Las Vegas, Cuba, Mexico, etc... maybe they can come up and get you.
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