Quote from Larry Flynt about trusting people
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Trying to find a quote from Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt -- from about 20 years ago I think.

Of course, I've done all the Googling on it and tried various versions of the search string from what I can recall about the quote. But nada.

It went something like: "People who have a good relationship with their crotch are less likely to cause trouble"...or something like that.

Or he might have said something like "I don't trust people who don't have a good connection to their crotch..."

Is there a website I don't know about that's dedicated just to 'quote finding'?

Thanks hive!
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Response by poster: OMG, I just remembered that I'd published the quote on my FB feed right after Flynt died. The shortcomings of 'early onset.'

"People who have a nice, healthy connection to their crotch have a better connection between the head and their heart, and in a land of sexually healthy people we’d have less crime, less poverty, less divorce, less drug use-and fewer right-wing Republicans."
--Larry Flynt
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I wish I could answer my own Ask Metafilters so quickly!!!
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