Vancouver high school for 6 months: progressive, co-ed, sports
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Looking for high school recommendations in or near Vancouver for my 16 yr old daughter for 6-12 months, starting Sept 2021. We are particularly interested in schools that:

- have outstanding teachers that inspire
- progressive: programs that use games, simulations, projects
- non denominational: religious schools are fine so long as they offer comparative religion and don't insist on one or other religious classes
- co-ed
- day or day boarding
- public or private
- volley ball

Not important that the schools meet all of those conditions, some would be fine.

She grew up in a Waldorf/Steiner school and moved to a conventional school two years ago and has done well academically. She is Colombian/Irish, likes animals and has experienced snow only once in her life.

Thanks in advance!
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Are you Canadian? Public schools in Vancouver all pull from their catchment areas. You cannot just go to a public school that doesn't correspond to where you live. If you want to choose then, you have to choose a private school.

There are not a ton of private schools in Vancouver. It is a big city, but the ultra rich are a small proportion of that. Accordingly, there is one all boys Catholic, one all boys non-denominational, one all girls Catholic, and two for girls that are non-denominational (honestly, those are your best options, Crofton or York House).

I do not believe there are any other private high schools in city limits other than Point Grey. This is coed and opened more recently than the others.

If you look outside the city you will have more luck. There's one in West Van whose name is escaping me. Also one on the Island that is a full boarding school (Shawnigan), my family friend went there on a scholarship and loved it. There are not, as far as I know, boarding schools for girls in the city... York House used to do boarding but I'm pretty sure they have shut that down.
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The West Van private school that dazedandconfused refers to above is Collingwood.
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You might also find this website helpful.
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There are at least two West Van private schools, Collingwood, as mentioned, and Mulgrave. My niece and nephew attend Mulgrave, and it ticks all of the boxes you mention, but I have no real sense of whether they'd accept a short term student or not. From what I can tell, all Vancouver private schools are very difficult to get into, even if you can afford them, though that may be true only of the junior schools and not the high schools, I don't know.
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Many Vancouver families I know just pulled up stakes and moved house when it was time for their kids to transfer to high school, in order to get them into the schools they wanted. My family did something similar when it was decided some of my siblings would go into French immersion.
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