Empire Tops, Blouses not Shirts, Low-Rise Pants are a Must!
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I want to leave home, feel comfy — and look pretty. Can you help me (too) find a few tops and things that will last.

A copycat question with different criteria: I love flowy feminine tops with beautiful fabrics. Nicely made. Not loud, no huge flowers, but the odd bit of embroidery, crochet and other hand-loomed type touches are sometimes welcome. I like **some** shape to them, too. They are conventionally fitting: The neckline is not too low. The waist is not too big. The sleeves are three-quarters or short. Maybe there are empire, but if so they can accommodate a 34B. They are sometimes called called boho or peasant or festival, sometimes, yes, Indian but not always. I've found a few tops I've loved from Max Studio, Anthropologie and Odille, Free People and Lucky Brand, because of the texture or the drape or the colors, but I'm always suffering a shortage.

For bottoms: I want my pants to be low-waisted. For reasons, I just can't bear anything high-waisted or over the navel. I'm liking some of the cropped pant styles, I hate anything tight so, yes, demi-flares, boot flares or straight.

I'm 5'3" a little over 100 lbs., straight-waisted, and on a budget. My typical size is 0 or xs.

You seem to be doing a good job for PintaPicasso to whom I owe this question. Can you help?
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I have loved all the tops I've got from Pyramid Collection. Seems like they may have things you're describing. They have deep discount sales fairly often, so if you see something you like, check back in a month or two to see if it's on sale.

There are quite a few things from Zara and ASOS that may work for you as well, and their prices are very budget-friendly.
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Take a browse at Dress Barn; I found a lot that met those criteria there in the past.
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Thredup is cheap and lets you search by rise length and leg shape as well as size and inseam length.

For the tops, I'd try Thredup as well, but if not, Francesca's, Boden, Chico's, Old Navy, Kohl's, Urban Outfitters. Perhaps customizing something at eShakti would appeal to you?
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Try googling for "baby doll tops" - baby doll and empire are pretty much the same (a seam below the bust and then loose) but baby doll is more commonly used now, I think.
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For tops, you may find some things you like at:
Have you tried searching Poshmark for "boho top"? You might like:
Haute Hippy

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