Duvet Covers That Open on More Than One Side
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I'm looking for patterned duvet covers that have openings (preferably zippered) on more than one side. I've found two brands that do this but there's got to be more out there.

One company puts zippers on two sides and the other puts zippers on three sides of the duvet cover. Both say their ideas are patented, but I imagine it's some specific aspect of the design and not just multiple openings that are patented, because... come on. There must be other covers that have this feature, probably just mentioned in one line of the description, without it being the main selling point of the brand. These are harder to find.

In any case, those two companies' duvet covers come in solid colours and I'm looking for something with a pattern. It doesn't have to be super busy or colourful -- my taste runs modern and minimal -- just not one monotonous block of navy or whatever.

I'm in Canada, so I need something that can ship here.

Do you know of any double- or triple-zippered patterned duvet covers I could check out?
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Buy whatever duvet cover you like and take it to a drycleaner that does clothing alterations. Super simple to install zippers or buttons or snaps on whichever sides you like.
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Response by poster: Sorry, should've made it clearer that I'm looking for duvet covers that already come with two or more openable sides.
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