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Can you recommend movies that will delight both me and my daughters (seven year old and nine year old)? No Disney/Pixar or Myazaki please, we've seen most of them.

They don't like spooky things (no Coraline). They like magical things. But also animals. And they liked Captain Underpants as well.
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Are documentaries an option? I though First Position was amazing, and since it focuses on kids as the subject it seems to appeal to a wide age range. Ballet experience/interest not required.
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Is The Princess Bride too obvious?
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This age is perfect for the big colorful 1960s family-oriented musicals -- Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, both starring Julie Andrews. Since they like magic, try Finian's Rainbow -- from 1968 and kind of a hippie take on a leprechaun, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Fred Astaire.
Have they ever watched The Wizard of Oz?
For animated magic that is very un-Disney this Irish film is absolutely stunning: Song of the Sea
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Strange Magic
The Book of Life
Ella Enchanted
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Rise of the Guardians
A Cat in Paris
A Monster in Paris
Mr. Peabody and Sherman
Cats Don't Dance
Peter Rabbit
Phantom Boy
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
Jingle Jangle
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I strongly recommend MATILDA and WHALE RIDER and PETER PAN non Disney version and PETER PAN Cathy Rigby TV musical version. And one really weird suggestion -- RIVERDANCE. My nieces loved that show when they were little. I still haven't figured out exactly why.
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Jumanji, both the original and the new ones
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Wolfwalkers! The same people who did Song of the Sea.
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Stop motion animation!

Wallace and Gromit! Both the shorts and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit movie.

Also, the other Aardman animation movies, particularly Chicken Run and the Shaun the Sheep show and movies.

If Coraline is too spooky, there are still plenty of other good ones from studio Laika—I particularly like Kubo and the Two Strings.

Also: Fantastic Mr. Fox
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One of my family's favorite less known movies at that age was Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines.
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- The Farthest: Voyager in Space was a big hit in my home when my kids were about that age. After the movie we put on Chuck Berry and danced our butts off :) and one of my kids started doing a cross stitch of the solar system.

- March of the Penguins may be a safe bet if they like animals.

- Have they seen Big Hero 6, Despicable Me, Shrek, Boss Baby, Wreck it Ralph, and other non-Disney/Pixar and non-Miyazaki animated movies? (Those are the ones I absolutely adore, sequels included except for Shrek.. and I gotta note I'm slightly not a fan of Madagascar because its jokes are unfunny imo and hugely not a fan of Angry Birds because of the subtextual Islamophobia.)
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Zootopia is fantastic for both kids and adults. I'm an adult who's watched it probably five times.
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The 1983 animated not-classic Twice Upon a Time! Lucasfilm's first foray into animation, blending stop-motion and hand-drawn, and I can almost guarantee NONE of you have seen it.

In more mainstream options, any adaptation of a Road Dahl book other than maybe The Witches, The Little Princess and The Secret Garden, Hook, the 1990s adaptation of Little Women, Black Beauty, The Wizard of Oz...lots of fodder in the classic children's literature bucket! Oh and The Neverending Story and seconding Princess Bride.
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Red Dog
Home Alone
Peter Rabbit
The Jungle Book
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John Sayles film The Secret of Roan Innish Is charming, and appeals to children because the main characters are children. Adults usually like it too.
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The Wind in the Willows and The Willows in Winter (YT, full movies) are absolutely delightful. How can you not love Rik Mayall as Mr. Toad?
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If you can find the 2007 Ballet Shoes with Emma Watson they might like that.

Not magical, but some movies that have my Captain Underpants-loving kid in hysterics lately:

Cheaper by the Dozen (Steve Martin movie - bonus supportive husband quits HIS job content)
The Pacifier
All the Spy Kids movies
Slightly risque and weird by today's standards, but we howled: Kindergarten Cop, Home Alone.

Chronicles of Narnia? Too intense? (Sorry if this is a Disney repeat.)
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The Point
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Leap aka Ballerina
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The How to Train Your Dragon trilogy is really good.
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Muppet Treasure Island is a totally goofy romp.
Secret of Kells is hypnotically beautiful and has doggies (well... kinda...)
School of Rock is unavoidably charming despite the cheese.
The 93 Secret Garden is atmospheric and gorgeous.
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was totally different from the book and yet really good.

If you’re up for a tv show, the Worst Witch is so cute and full of heart with a lot of lower budget special effects that for some reason work and tons of friendship between girls, plus of course magic.
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Time Bandits.
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Here are some movies I loved at that age. I'm not sure how some of them have aged.

I liked the Henry Thomas movies The Quest and Cloak and Dagger. SpaceCamp features some smart women.
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You might consider The Gods Must Be Crazy, though there is a bit of violence in it (nothing horrible).
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Song of the Sea, as mentioned above.

We enjoyed Big Hero 6 last night. (It’s Disney but was not on my radar as such.)

We also recently watched Tale of the Princess Kaguya which is Ghibli but not Miyazaki and was also not at all on my radar. It’s beautiful, voice acting in English is so so, it’s quite long.

My daughter liked both new Wonder Woman movies, Black Panther and Jurassic Park (has scary parts).

Perhaps Hugo (the Scorsese film from 2011)? I’ve been wanting to watch Triplets of Belleville with my daughter too. Maybe Persepolis?
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In the same vein as Mary Poppins: Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Annie. The 1982 adaptation.
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Babies, the documentary.
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Spirit - Stallion Of The Cimarron Took our 7y.o. to the the cinema when it came out in 2002. The squawk of surprise and the clap of delight from young 7 at 2m36s made it worth going.
More equines: Racing Stripes / Seabiscuit
Mice: The Tale of Despereaux / The Secret of NIMH
Geese: Fly Away Home
2nd Ballerina [apparently better than the US cut called Leap]
2nd A Monster of Paris
Road to El Dorado [adult innuendo a bit]
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Babe is a piglet who makes himself useful.
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The iron giant
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Whale Rider
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Here's what my daughter liked at that age. She didn't really like a lot of the animated movies, so these are all live action:
Singin' in the Rain (her favorite)
The Parent Trap (the older one)
Judy Moody
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Rat race
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Old Disney! Start with That Darn Cat.
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The Never Ending Story
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Judgment call from other answer-ers: is Phantom Toolbooth too spooky for a recommendation?
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My young daughter loved watching the PBS Pride and Prejudice series with me. Why? “Because it’s about girls.”
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The original Charlotte’s Web animated movie has been a huge hit with the 5 year old girl here.
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Fantastic Mr. Fox
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