Are there any scholarly papers on the political party Québec Solidaire?
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Hi. I am really interested in learning more about Québec Solidaire from a scholarly standpoint. Yet, I have only found one scholarly article on the political party (Professor Pascale Dufour's paper "From Protestto Partisan Politics: Whenand hoW collective actorscrossthe line. sociological PersPec-tiveon Québec solidaire" is the only paper I can find so far that is academic-oriented. Are there other scholarly works or newspaper articles written by academics on Québec Solidaire
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If you search "Québec Solidaire" on google scholar, you get a bunch of scholarly pieces (some look like masters theses or dissertations--it's hard for me to tell), many in French. I don't read French quickly/fluently enough to tell you what the top choices/directions are but maybe you do or someone you know does.
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You can also look for Dufour's article on google scholar and then hit the "cited by 14" button and see whether that leads to more recent articles on QS.
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This is the kind of question that a reference librarian at your nearby public or university library could help you with in a New York minute. There are plenty of databases that are available by subscription (i.e., not free on the public Internet) that will give you references, and it's the job of reference librarians to help you search them.
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