Inspirational science media similar to Sagan Series/Feynman Series?
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Many years ago I discovered the Sagan Series and the Feynman Series, and I've found myself returning to them over the years when I'm lacking inspiration for any mundane science-related work. What similar media do you know of?

I particularly enjoy the brief nature of these videos, and that they synthesize some of the most inspirational quotes / discussions of these scientists along with excellent music and visuals. I already enjoy watching long form documentaries relating to science, but does anyone know of any other short form inspirational science media like this?
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I find the series by James Burke (Connections, The Day The Universe Changed, After the Warming) similar.
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Ditto James Burke, but it's a little out of date. The fundamentals are very good.

I guess you can always revisit PBS Nova episodes on the more fundamental stuff rather than the "topical" or "trendy" stuff.
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Jacob Bronowski's Ascent of Man part one of 13 1973/4 on BBC, came with a glossy book. The invention of the arch.
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I love Matt O'Dowd's PBS SpaceTime
and Sean Carroll's Preposterous Universe (website), and You Tube channel, particularly the Biggest Ideas in the Universe, Mindscapes and Philosophical Discussions on Naturalism. All available on You Tube.
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