Please help me sell a small boat on Craigslist
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A family member is trying to sell a 16 ft O'Day sailboat. I've had an ad on Craigslist for months with no response, despite living in an area with numerous lakes. Can you provide a lively, interesting script? Or direct me to resources for writing an ad that will capture attention? I'm open to suggestions on how to get this sold asap. Thanks!
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Do you have to use Craigslist? My locale had a super active Facebook Martketplace and not much happening on Craigslist.
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Yeah, I've heard Craigslist is still good for a lot of things, but that FB Marketplace is really good with the things that it's good for. I haven't heard anybody talk about FBM like it's taking over CL, but it does do better when selling certain kinds of objects.
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I'd also look for some kind of bulletin board at a local marina. There are also, probably, sailboat dealers that would buy it.
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Use well-lit, attractive photos.

End the post with these precise words: "I will remove this ad when the boat is gone. Email or call/text to arrange pickup. Thanks!"
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Include a good pun in the subject line.
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I have no experience with boats, but it looks like is the biggest marketplace for buying and selling boats online.
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If you guys have a trailer for it, consider selling the boat WITH the trailer and offering to deliver it. I don't think you're doing anything wrong as-is (though concur FB marketplace and a ton of photos help) but it can't hurt.
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If Craigslist is used in your area full of lakes and you’re
trying to sell a working boat, your actual issue is that your asking price is too high.
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If your area has a 'sailing season', there will be more potential customers near the beginning of the season.
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This is an impulse-buy kinda boat. A lot of people out there see stuff and think, what the hell. So maybe park it near a busy road. Or near a park where families play. Dad will see the boat and think, hey kids you know what would be fun this summer....
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I've had an ad on Craigslist for months with no response
I'm going to take a guess and say no-one wants to buy a boat in the winter. What's the weather like where you are? I bet interest will pick up when it's warm & sunny - make sure your photos are of the boat in the sun, in a nice location.
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Poke around the area for clubs that sail that particular boat, or boats like it. Here’s a nice article about the boat (might help you frame the copy in your ad; even better, it includes a link to the Day Sailers Association, which may offer more leads on where/how to sell the boat).

Good luck!
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Missed the edit window: the Day Sailer Association includes a forum, with a subforum to list boats for sale, plus links to regional clubs (“fleets”).
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Make a flyer, post at grocery stores and marinas. Post on boat sites. Improve the cop and photos if possible.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! These are fantastic suggestions, feel free to keep 'em coming. Not gonna lie, I really enjoyed MexicanYenta "put a bowl of fruit on it". I'm taking new photos when it's sunny - def adding a bowl of fruit!
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