Camp It's Among Us
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Does anyone remember a muppet video meant to educate kids about about HIV/AIDS released in the 90s maybe called "Camp It's Among Us" I've recently learned this wasn't a universal childhood experience and I'm looking to see if I can find a stream of it.

The plot was roughly one muppet child keeps repeating myths of AIDS transmission and his friend is correcting him and then it turns out that that friend is the mysterious child with HIV/AIDS.
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Is it possible that the word is Kami, rather than camp? Kami is the name of the HIV positive muppet who appears in the South African and Nigerian versions of Sesame Street.
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"The story of life, death and the truths of AIDS will be told in Vermillion starting Sunday when the AIDS Memorial Quilt goes on display in Slagle Auditorium on the University of South Dakota campus....One session on Sunday, "Camp — It's Among US," is geared towards younger children, said Julie Nearman, education committee co-chair." (Article from 2001)
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i found this, which is one of the few mentions of camp it's among us being taught as a session in south dakota when the aids quilt went on display.

the muppet mentioned above didn't show until 2002, so probably not Kami.

i don't personally remember a muppet video (i was around that age when the education was ubiquitous) but that doesn't mean it didn't exist.
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jinx, monkeytoes.
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i don't know if this was also you but if not, someone else does remember. they say early 2000s though.
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Best answer: AHA! found it. page 19, right column. and here's the video.
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Response by poster: Ah they weren't proprietary Muppets and I had the spelling wrong! Thank you so much I've been trying to explain how weird this thing was to people but struggling to prove it existed.
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