Free image hosting 2021 edition?
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A friend/acquaintance needs help putting several thousand images online for all to see and share.

The acquaintance is a Luddite and needs a lot of hand holding. The images will be for people who attended a particular camp over many years and the treasure trove of images from that period has now been scanned are are to be made available free of charge for sharing and downloading.

It has been many years since I compared services, but what I want to suggest to my friend should be the darn easiest method of uploading and sharing images out there. It doesn't have to be free, but it is of course nice if it is.

Appreciate thoughts on who won the image hosting battle of years gone by?
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Flickr and Smugmug are still around, but not free. (I"m so old school I still pay for both.)

Off the top of my head I'd suggest a new Google account and a Google Photos public album.

Imgur does free, ad supported photos but I don't know if it will support a gallery of thousands of images.
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Google Photos gives you 15GB. Is that enough to hold all of the scans? If so, they are very easy to upload and you can set a folder/collection to be shared publicly.
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I'd go with SmugMug's basic plan for $55/year.
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Response by poster: Sounds like to solid options, thanks
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Google Photos. I have about 7000 pictures uploaded in the default quality and are using just over 1Gb of storage.
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If uploading to Google Photos, make sure she selects "Original Quality," and not the compressed "High Quality" option. If she went to all the trouble of scanning and uploading, I'm sure she wants people to get the best quality image possible.
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