Virtual art classes for 9-12 year olds
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We did some virtual art classes during spring break for my daughter and she really likes them. Can you recommend drawing classes for kids that cover realistic drawing and perspective, and are weekly or biweekly? Ideally these classes would be in the Bay Area in case we ever get back to in person instruction, but could be anywhere. We would like a class with other kids but if that fails an art tutor would be ok. The main complication is that we would like the classes to start before the end of the school year, or at least be some type of class where kids can drop in midway. They are not interested in drawing cartoon characters/anime or doing a single illustration, they are more interested in learning the principles of drawing at this point.
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My father used the Betty Edwards Method with his students, he taught in school, working with childrren from age 11 up. There are a lot of videos of it on YouTube.
This is an online class but i have not taken it.
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Best answer: My daughter has mostly liked the Outschool art classes. What she’s really loved though is private lessons with an artist and the cost is only a bit more than group classes. We found someone through a local arts store. I know that her teacher does both remote and in-person lessons. We aren’t in SF but let me know if you’d like her info.
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