Watering can recommendations? (Large, for outdoor use)
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I'm looking for recommendations for a large watering can (ideally ~2 gallons) with a comfortable grip for outdoor use. Further details inside.

I have a large patio garden with about 50 containers/pots which I water by hand, so I need a watering can with large capacity that is comfortable to handle. Other considerations:

- Should have a rosette (or some way to sprinkle, not pour)
- Should be practical to fill from a spigot
- Should be obtainable in the U.S. (I've seen lots of recommendations for the classic Haws watering can, but this seems to be unavailable except for a 1-pint indoor version)
- Plastic probably preferred for comfort and so that it doesn't get too hot, but I've never had a metal watering can, so I'm willing to hear that my assumptions are wrong

These requirements don't seem too stringent to me, but I've had a hard time finding anything acceptable! I returned this Bloem watering can because its dual spout design didn't work as intended (water poured no matter how it was adjusted). I currently have this cheap Cado can, which barely clears the bar but is poorly machined and has a slow leak around the rosette; I'd return it in a heartbeat if I could find something better, hence this question.
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I use a large tank sprayer for this. It’s a little bit boring, but time spent loitering near my plants is time well spent. I imagine you could swap the spray nozzle for a dish-sink-sprayer style nozzle to have it drain faster.
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This 3 gallon can is plastic with a steel rosette and has good reviews! I would generally try searching serious hobby/pro gardening sites or stores vs. Amazon and big box stores to find something that fits the bill.
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Something to think about - I'm not sure 2 gallons of water, pouring, and comfortable grip work unless you are watering things on or close to the ground.
2 gallons of water is over 16 pounds and tipping that forward and back is rough if you are also carrying it above waist high.
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I’ve used this Dramm watering can in the past. It works. It will last a while. It is solid.
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So you get into how much durability you need and also how much weight you really want to handle, and also your price. I assume you know what you want, but it's worth some introspection.

On balance, I'll suggest considering classic galvanized like this.
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Seconding MadamM - I’ve found that company reliable and the balance looks a lot like the Haws.
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50 containers is a lot! Would a hose extension and a good sprayer head be possible? There are narrow gauge hoses that coil a lot of length into a smaller space, and you might be able to get a quick-connect for the spigot, if the containers and spigot are not convenient to each other.
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50 containers IS a lot. I have an area like that which is not easily hose-accessible, so I use a hardware store 5-gal bucket (but with only about 4gal in it, for carrying) filled over where the hose is and carried to my watering spot, and a usb shower. I have a similar USB shower rigged up to be my garden sink, they run a long while on a charge and I've been really happy with performance.

But also I have that area on the to-do list to run my faucet-mounted drip irrigation to, which might also be something you could consider.
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I have this bloem watering can and it's awesome.

The tilt handle makes it very easy to carry and pour. It's very nicely balanced. The rain nozzle is removable so you have both options. It's sturdy and has held up in direct sunlight because I never remember to bring it inside.
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