Did I imagine this band?
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Years ago I was standing at the magazine rack of a bookstore reading about a band called DECRE. The name stood for Decreationism, the philosophy that God was de-creating the universe. They had a song "(HE Gives Me) Satisfaction" Everytime I read a post about DEVO I try to look them up DECRE. Google searches always come up blank. Did they exist, but were they, and all evidence of them, de-created? Am I the only remaining person who remembers them?
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There was a death metal band in California called Decreation. The song titles don't seem right, but you can listen to them on that site.

More recently a band Acephalix had an album called Decreation.

There's another band, Imperative Decreation.

Here are three metal bands with the word "decree" in their names.

And here are a bunch of metal songs with the word Satisfaction in the title.

I can't help but note that "(HE Gives Me) Satisfaction" seems to mimic the title of the Rolling Stones song "(Can't Get No) Satisfaction." And, you mentioned Devo so ... Devo covers the Stones song. Is this it?

There was a Canadian industrial band called Decree as well. None of the songs looked right, but maybe that will ring a bell?
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There is also: "Decreation", an opera by Anne Carson. I can't find much about it, but seems to be more of a music/poetry hybrid performance than what I would normally think of when I see the word "opera."
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Best answer: Are you sure it wasn't DOVE? The Devo members used to pretend to be a Christian Rock band and come out to play parody of Devo songs. Devo used to cover the Stone "Can't Get No Satisfaction" so it seems plausible to me they might do a parody of that song along with the others.
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Best answer: Here is more about DEVO/DOVE from this website:

To satirize the devolution-proving emergence of that puritanical, self righteous, money-hungry, and censorious strain of Christian Evangelicalism that was beginning its pernicious spread through American political and cultural life—and which remains disturbingly powerful still—Dove (an anagram for DEVO, if you didn’t catch that) performed tepid, bowdlerized, Jesused-up versions of DEVO songs, wearing cheap leisure suits and accountants’ visors.

There are three clips of their performance on the same website if you want to check it out.
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Response by poster: It has to have been DOVE.
Maybe the memory got edited because De-Evolution is to De-Creationism as DEVO is to DECRE.

\m/ Will also check out the metal and opera links! Thanks MeFi!
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Best answer: the one commercially released DOVE song I know of is a live cover of Bob Dylan's "You Gotta Serve Sombody" that appeared on a rarities set called 'recombo dna'
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