Recommendations for Zoom video backgrounds?
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There's a ton of Zoom background sites out there, but searching them feels spammy and it's a bit overwhelming to find good ones. What are your favorite sources or examples? I'm particularly looking for video backgrounds (beach/forest/office etc.) Thanks very much for any tips!
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Response by poster: (Free is best of course but I'm OK with paying something reasonable too)
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Best answer: Pixabay videos work pretty well, but do watch them all the way through to make sure they don't have an irritating jump when they start over. Free (registration may be required).
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Not video, but still awesome. Official Star Wars backgrounds.
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I am a big fan of the (static) Studio Ghibli backgrounds. I also spend some time looking for pictures that I like on Wikimedia Commons (beach/forest) because they are high res (usually) and ok to use for whatever.
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The problem with beach and other nature videos often there are movement of the camera. Very few genuine time-lapse style videos for free out there, unless you want to make your own.
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